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Nature's Wellspring

Nature's Wellspring the home of your garden plants


 The Farm Life is a wonderful company specializing in functional health  products based in Virginia Beach. The owner is committed to quality  products made from her farm while she also leads a farm movement!  are pleased  to announce that we have become a Farm Life Ambassador. Please click here for more details.

Our Affliates



 SeedsNow! is a family-owned-and-operated company that was started to help individuals, families, and communities prepare for  the future by promoting an organic and self-sustainable life-style. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to stay away from GMOs and start growing their own organic food.  

Click here for more information: Seedsnow.com


The Herbal Academy

Looking to enroll in an herbalism course?

In today’s world we are often bombarded with false information on what is good for us and what is safe to use. Cut through the overload of information by starting with one of our online herbal programs.

Click here for more information: Herbal Academy


NOVA Essential Oils

We at Nova Essential Oils believe in using Essential Oils for our health and well-being. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information: Nova Essential Oils


Uncle Jim’s worm

Uncle Jim carries Red Wiggler Worms, Mealworms,  African Night Crawlers, Canadian Night Crawlers and Gray Night Crawlers for your garden, your worm bin, and your garden. 

For more information,  Jim’s Worm Farm