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Nature's Wellspring

Nature's Wellspring the home of your garden plants

Nature's Wellspring grows vegetables plants from seed.

Heirloom seeds are  the most viable seeds you can purchase for your herbs and vegetables, the most healthy and from a  natural state. Non- Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds will continue to  reproduce generations of viable and sustainable seed. This  especially help s the local gardeners. 

Genetically  modified seeds from corporations like Monsanto produce a gene that implants insecticide into the seed. Crops are genetically bred to ward off certain bugs then those bugs become super bugs and again they increase the poisons in the seed and genetically modify it to their liking. 

New independent studies conclude that the genetically modified  plants kill rats faster than non-genetically modified plants, by an  alarming rate. Studies also point to GMO food causing cancer and  sterilization among many other diseases. Many countries around the world  are banning GMO seeds and any by-products.

We  do not knowingly buy or sell any Genetically Modified seeds. We believe in supporting SAFE SEED pledge companies. We grow our plants using organic practices and sustainable products like CowPots.

Annual Seed Sale

January is traditionally our annual seed sale. For more details, check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/natureswellspring.

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Nature's Wellspring, LLC in Warrenton sells plants, herbs, seeds, produce, gardening supplies, and other nature based products like homeopathy. Additionally, we take custom orders for seedlings. Produce boxes and cut flowers are available throughout the growing season. We love our customers and helping them with all their gardening needs. Please follow us on Facebook.  We are reachable there via messenger.  

Nature's Wellspring, LLC

Warrenton, Virginia

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